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Our Exceptionally-Low-Loss Products

EOSPACE specializes in manufacturing the highest performance Electro-Optical integrated circuits (ICs) and components for discriminating builders of next-generation optical telecommunication systems.

EOSPACE products feature exceptionally low insertion loss and broad bandwidth, and are based on proprietary lithium niobate (LiNbO3) integrated optics technology.


Our state-of-the-art optical IC technology is developed under ongoing research, orginally for very demanding aerospace applications requiring high frequency microwave and photonic fiber-optic transmission.  


EOSPACE's optical IC technology is used for high-performance wideband commercial telecommunications, research, and aerospace applications.


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NEW -  Advanced Products

1x1, 1x2, Low-Vπ compact X-cut modulator

  • 20Ghz, 40Ghz
  • Extended Operation to >60Ghz version
  • Thinner GPPO version (65 x 5 x 9m) 

Low-Vπ 0-20GHz X-cut Zero-chirp Compact Modulator
Vπ ~3.5-3.8V (@1GHz)
BW >20GHz
Insertion Loss <4dB and <3dB Versions

Broadband 0-40GHz X-cut Zero-chirp Compact Modulator
BW >30-35GHz, usable response >40GHz
Vπ ~4.5-5V (@1GHz)
Insertion Loss <4dB and <3dB Versions

Dual-Parallel MZM
QPSK (I/Q) modulator
(X-cut Single Drive)
Very Low-Vπ version: 25+Gbaud I/Q modulator
Very low-Vπ ~2.9-3.3V (@1GHz)
BW >20-25GHz
Insertion loss <5dB and <4dB Versions
High-bit-rate Version: 50 Gbaud I/Q modulator
BW >30-35GHz, usable response >40 GHz
Vπ ~ 4-4.3V (@1GHz)
Insertion loss <5dB and <4dB Versions

Y-branch 1x2 Phase modulator

custom specification

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Ultra-wideband (DC→65GHz→110GHz+) modulator
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Long-λ (2μm) Phase & Intensity Modulators
BW >10 and 20GHz
Vπ<7V and Vπ<5V Versions
Insertion Loss <4dB and <3dB Versions


Phase Modulators
!! New Low Vpi!!
40+ Gb/s Modultators
!! New Low Vpi!!
Polarization Controllers Short-λ Modulators
0.7, 0.85, 1.06, ...
12-20 Gb/s Low Drive Voltage Modulators
negative prechirp
or zero chirp
1x2 Dual Output Modulatorrs
Custom Modulators
RZ, Cascaded, VOA, ...
Small Form Factor Modulators
Maintaining Splitters
High-Speed Switches
1x2, 2x2, 1xN, ...
(Brief Switch Broushure)
Custom Integrated Optical Circuits High-Speed Switch Matrices


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